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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Sabsudhrega is a repairing service platform who provides all type of repairing services like home equipment repair, carpenting, plumbing, wallpainting service and much more in your city.

Sabsudhrega offers services in 5 different categories of that is

  • Home services
  • Marketplace
  • Technician jobs
  • Nearby stores and
  • Sabsudhrega technician social networking platform.

Sabsudhrega marketplace is market for everyone, where anybody can list there products and contact directly to wholeseller as well as retailers.

Sabsudhrega nearby stors is a service where anybody can search any type of stores like grocery, furniture, medical, pet care stores and many more.

Sabsudhrega job is a job seeking portal where technicans can find job as per there skills and requirements.

Happy Clients
Happy Clients